Buying Guide

Finding Your Home

Once you have decided on the area you would like to move to, it is advisable to view as many properties as possible. This will give you a better idea of your personal preferences and what it is you require. Space will always accompany you on your viewing appointments and can arrange further viewings as necessary.

We have unparalleled local knowledge of the Merseyside area, which is why we are proud to be the fastest growing estate agents in Liverpool. This, combined with our network of property specialists, means we know how and where to find your next property.

Instructing Solicitors

Once the sale has been agreed, and both seller and purchaser have instructed solicitors, documentation will be sent out to all parties, confirming the details. Draft contracts will be prepared and forwarded from the seller’s solicitor. At this point, your solicitor must apply for local authority searches prior to the contract approval.

Making An Offer

You’ve found it! You’ve fallen in love with your dream home, and are ready to make an offer. At the earliest opportunity, we will put your offer forward both verbally and in writing, and look to confirm your buying position.

Instructing Solicitors

Mortgage lenders require that an appointed valuer inspects the property being purchased – you will be offered either a choice of standard valuation report or valuation report/building survey by the lender. You also have the choice of having an independent building survey carried out, at which point you should instruct an independent chartered surveyor.

When the mortgage valuation report is received, a formal mortgage offer will be sent to both you and your solicitor, which you will be required to sign and return.


When all documents have been received and are in order, your solicitor will contact you to discuss the transfer of your deposit and confirm a date of completion. Both purchaser and seller need to sign their contracts and instruct their respective solicitors to proceed.


Today’s the day! This is when the balance of funds is transferred from your solicitor to the seller’s solicitor. When the funds are received, the keys to your new home can be released. The keys are generally held with your agent on completion to help make the moving transition as smooth and easy as possible – at Space, this is our favourite part of the process!