Guide to Renting​

Renting your home can be beneficial for many reasons. Renting a property can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a property, and many people find the bills more manageable too.

In comparison to owning a property, renting often means fewer outgoings and more flexibility – property maintenance is taken care of by your landlord, and moving is quicker and easier between rented properties.

This rental guide will provide the advice and information needed to find and secure your property, helping you understand tenancy agreements and inventories. At Space Estate Agents we are devoted to helping you find your ideal home and are always on hand at every stage of the renting process.


Locating your property

Firstly you should consider the type of property you require – whether flat or house, the process is the same. An important decision to make early on is if you want a furnished or unfurnished property – furnished homes are fantastic if you frequently relocate.

Space Estate Agents work hard to find out exactly the type of property you are looking for, and with many properties to choose from, we’ll work with you to find your ideal home.

Points to consider:

  • Energy efficiency rating
  • Furnished or unfurnished
  • Garden/outside space
  • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Bath or Shower
  • Parking or garage
  • Storage space


Working out your personal budget is vital – this will ensure any properties you view will be affordable to you and avoid any disappointment. Use your final figure as a rough estimate when you’re searching, and remember that some landlords offer bills included. If you tell your Space Estate Agent advisor, we can suggest suitable properties that meet your requirements.

Location, location, location

Finding the right area will have a huge impact on your lifestyle and the property you choose. With our extensive local knowledge, we can offer useful information about house prices, local schools, transport links and other amenities. Once you have a rough idea, it helps to spend some time around the local area – ensuring you can rent your home with confidence.

Booking a viewing

Once you’ve found properties you like, book your viewings as early as possible. There is high demand for properties in the rental market and if you see somewhere you like, it’s best to move fast to secure it. Contact Space Estate Agents and we can arrange a viewing time to suit your busy schedule.


Referencing checks are routine and are carried out to ensure that you’re a suitable tenant, who can meet the costs of the property.

Referencing criteria:

  • Proof of current earnings
  • Current/previous landlord details
  • Employment details
  • If self-employed, evidence of the last three years’ account details
  • Three years’ address history
  • Your bank account details
  • Once you have completed the relevant checks, you will be asked for the deposit. Once you’ve paid the deposit, the property will be secured.
Generally, deposits are between one or two months’ rent. Deposits are held for the duration of the tenancy, to cover any damages that may occur and need to be repaired. This does not include overall property maintenance costs.

Space Estate Agents are part of a government-authorised Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme – this is for your best interest and serves to protect your deposit until it is due back to you.

We will also arrange for both you and your new landlord to sign the tenancy agreement. This sets out the terms of your tenancy and is a legally binding contract. Once this is complete, you may pick up the keys to your new home!